opportunities to gather and grow

We believe God desires to be in a transformative relationship with all people.  Northwest Neighborhood Community Center is a place for people of all age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status and race. There are opportunities for every person to gather and grow in age groups and intergenerationally.

  • Children at NNCC are encouraged to play, create and explore as they dive deeper into relationship with each other, God and themselves.  There are multiple opportunities for children to gather with other children in a multicultural setting and to grow in love.

    Questions about opportunities for your child? Contact Jenni Roth.

  • Junior high students at NNCC can participate in a large variety of activities - from Tuesday tutoring to playing basketball to building relationships with leaders and other students.  

    Questions about opportunities for junior high youth? Contact Static.

  • From meals together to recovery ministries, there are opportunities for adults to gather with people of all backgrounds and grow as individuals and community.  Come be part of a new community and build relationships with neighbors.

    Questions about opportunities for adults? Contact Sarah.

  • Share in community with people across the generations, as we eat together, play together, and learn together.  Mentor a younger neighbor. Help an older neighbor mow their grass. Learn to cook a new type of food.  At NNCC, we desire to be a place where neighbors of all ages gather, grow and build relationships together!

    Questions about opportunities for intergenerational relationship? Contact Sarah.